TOEFL vocabulary and their meanings

The TOEFL is mainly a test of academic English. The reading section is all about passages from university textbooks; the majority of the listening section is about lectures; about half of writing and speaking are based on similarly academic texts or lectures. That’s why knowing more formal, academic words is a huge help. Informal vocabulary, such as phrasal verbs, can also be useful for the TOEFL, but it’s less important and more general. Continue studying any informal vocabulary, of course, but focus your studies on academic words in particular.

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TOEFL vocabulary for test

cabal = a small group of persons engaged in a plotting.

cacophonous = unharmonious sounding.

cadaverous = corpse-like, haggard, pale.

callous = unfeeling, unfeeling or insensitive .

calumniate = slander.

TOEFL vocabulary and their meanings

candid = frank, outspoken.

cantankerous = ill-natured, quarrelsome .

captious = quick to find faults .

castigate = to punish, criticize severely.

celestial = pertaining to the sky.

chauvinist = an extreme patriot.

chicanery = trickery, deception.

chronic = continuing for a long time.

circumspect = cautious.

circumvent = to gain an advantage by the use of trick.

clamorous = loud and noisy.

clandestine = secret, stealthy.     

deference = submitting to the wishes or judgment of another.

delectable = very pleasing.

delinquent = an offender.

demeanor = behavior.

denounce = to speak against.

depreciate = to belittle or speak slightingly of.

devoid = lacking in, not possessing.

dictum = art authoritative statement.

didactic = designed to teach.

diffident = lacking in self-confidence.

dilemma = a difficult situation.

 disconcert = to confuse, to embarras.

 discrete = separate, two discrete issues.

 dispatch = to do speedily.

 dissolute = living loosely.

diverse = varied, different.

divulge = to make public or reveal.

 dogmatic = positive in expressing an opinion.

dynamic = forceful.

 edify = to instruct or uplift.

effete = no longer productive.

 ejaculate = to utter suddenly .

 elucidate = to make clear, to explain.

emissary = a person sent on an errand or mission.

 ennui = boredom.   

epitaph = a tombstone inscription.    

err = to be mistaken or go astray.

 exculpate = to free from blame.

expatiate = to speak or write in detail.        

 expound = to set forth in detail.

extemporaneous = done or spoken without preparation.

facade  = front or face.

 fathom = to penetrate and understand.

 feasible = workable.

 flaccid = lacking firmness.     

fleeting = passing swiftly.     

 forbear ر= to exercise self control.     

 fracas = a disorderly quarrel.    

fulsome = disgustingly excessive.    

 garnish = to trim or decorate.     

 gibe = to laugh at.

 harbinger = a forerunner.    

 heresy = an opinion held in opposition to traditional view.

hoax = a trick or deception.    

 hyperbole = extravagant exaggeration for effect.    

idiosyncrasy = a personal peculiarity.    

immaculate = spotless, pure.     

 incisive = cutting.         

inference = a conclusion.     

inhibit = to hinder.

 ire = anger.     

itinerant = tedious, monotonous.    

 jargon = confused spoken words.     

 jettison = to throw.    

 ken = range of understanding.     

 latent = hidden.    

lucid = clear, transparent.    

 Machiavellian = sacrificing moral principles in order to attain power.    

mediocre = average in quality.    

mettle = disposition, spirit.      

 murky = dark, cloudy.    

nettle = to irritate or provoke.    

 noisome = foul-smelling.    

 novice = a beginner.      

 obdurate = hard-hearted, stubborn.    

 omnipotent = all-powerful.    

 onus = burden, duty, obligation.    

 panacea = a remedy for all ills.      

peccadillo = a petty fault.    

 pedant = one who shows off his learning or who overrates his knowledge.

peruse = to read carefully.     

 ponderous = very heavy, clumsy, dull.     

proximity = nearness.    

pseudonym = a false name assumed by a writer.  

quash = to crush, to render void.     

quixotic = extravagantly romantic or idealistic.     

 raconteur = a skilled storyteller.     

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